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Our agricultural machines are not only immediately recognisable by their red colour, but above all by the way they work in the field.

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Machines for cultivating and for the optimal preparation for sowing. Sowing technology to establish a solid foundation for high yields. Crop protection tools to protect crops effectively and gently. We supply agricultural machinery that impresses not only through their innovation and diversity. We also create customised solutions for farms of any size, for any terrain, any market and any need. We develop these solutions in constant and close dialogue with the people who need them: farmers and agricultural entrepreneurs all over the world.

Founded in the beginning of the 1970’s, our company has developed both locally and worldwide thanks to the ever growing client base that finds in our products great value for money. We have many products, ranging from 1 metre to 8 metres for tractors from 15 Hp to 750+ Hp, which have been developed alongside the end user at our factory in Italy.


Our objectives are Reliability, Quality of the product and Innovation.